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Cobot is a mobile robot of roughly human stature. Some features of the robot include an independently-rotating camera for human vision, Microsoft Kinect for visual data used in navigation, Stargazer module for trouble spots in the robot's autonomous navigation, and a forward-looking LIDAR module for obstacle avoidance.

Startup and shutdown procedures[]


  1. Check the charger to make sure that CoBot has a battery voltage of at least 32V
  2. Unplug CoBot from the charger
  3. Unplug the laptop's external adapter
  4. Turn on CoBot's power by toggling the switch at the rear of the base
  5. SSH into CoBot's control laptop: ssh
  6. log in
  7. ./bin/auto_start


  1. Toggle the power switch at the rear of CoBot's base
  2. Plug in CoBot's charger
  3. Plug the laptop back into its external adapter