CMRoboBits Wiki

Using Shell

Compile the CMurfs Main process

cd $CMURFS_DIR/robot/Main

To copy the program to the robot

make <robot name>

e.g., make apollo to compile and copy it directly to Apollo.

Compile the NaoQi library

cd $CMURFS_DIR/robot/NaoQiModule

Run the code

ssh nao@<robot name>

Using Deployer

The Deployer is a java GUI, which allows to compile the code and copy the executables and config files directly into the robot.

cd $CMURFS_DIR/tools/Deployer
  • In the Initial Setup section, choose setup ssh connection and select a single robot on the column on the right
    • This will ask you to type the password into the terminal a couple of times and it will store it
    • Repeat this step whenever you use a new robot.
  • In the Deploy section select the actions you which to perform and the robot
    • Press Execute to start the process

If you did not select the option 'Start Cmurfs', you will have to ssh to the robot and run ./cmurf on the home directory.