CMRoboBits Wiki

You can 'simulate' the robot by using Log files. These files have all the information (in particular the images) that the robot retrieves from the world while it is operating. Some log files are already provided and they will allow you to complete the first tasks for your Vision project without access to the robot.

Running the logRunner

  • cd to $CMURFS_DIR/tools/LogRunner and type make to compile the code.
  • to run the program type: ./logRunner [name of the log to run]
  • press enter in the shell where you started logRunner to advance to the next frame

Using the Visualizer

When the logger is running, you can visualize the images and the result for you detection code by using the Visualizer tool

  • cd to $CMURFS_DIR/tools/Visualizer
  • build the java code
    • ./
  • run the Visualizer
    • ./ localhost

You can also use this tool when running your code on the real robots.

Creating Logs

SSH to the robot and

  • edit config/configurable.txt and set configurable/log/useLogToRemote = 1
  • edit config/log.txt and set log/logRemote/logRobotStatePeriod = 1

On your computer,

  • edit $CMURFS_DIR/robot/config/logToFile.log and set logToFile/enabled = 1 and logToFile/filename to where you want the log to be saved
  • While Visualizer is running, it will write the frames it receives to the log file

Logs Available

Currently you can download the following logs: